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tactical potential on any smooth surface

Our dry erase, easy application stickers adhere effortlessly to any smooth surface, be it walls, doors, or even windows. Transform any blank or old board into a strategic asset for your department.

Do your old tired whiteboards need a facelift? Our easy to apply, dry erase stickers are made from thin materials ensuring magnetic compatibility when used to enhance existing magnetic dry erase boards. With our easy application technology, you will experience a bubble and residue free process, and if necessary, repositioning is simple.

By using our easy to apply, dry erase stickers to enhance existing blank boards, empty wall spaces, or windows, our product can add structure, defining purpose, and save time, making data and information more actionable. Transform any of our designs into versatile stickers for you department or workspace.

More Info:

What sizes are available?

We offer two main sizes for our products: 
114 x 84cm: (to fit on a standard 120 x 90cm dry erase board)

84 x 54cm: (to fit on a standard 90 x 60cm dry erase board)

We also offer a bespoke service. Please contact us below to discuss your requirements.

Can the dry erase low tac stickers be applied to any surface?

Absolutely! Just make sure the surface is smooth and dust free. Our dry erase low tac stickers are designed for smooth surfaces, including walls, doors, and windows.

Are the dry erase low tac stickers easy to clean?

Yes, they are! The dry erase laminate finish makes it simple to wipe off markings and keep your dry erase low tac stickers looking fresh for the next session.

Can I use regular markers on the dry erase surface?

We recommend using dry erase markers for optimal performance, regular markers can permanently mark the surface.

How do I apply and reposition the dry erase low tac stickers?

Application is a straight forward. Simply peel and stick onto your desired surface. If you need to reposition, gently remove and reapply—it’s that simple!

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