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Various magnetic packs, name tags and counters have been designed to work with your boards. Our magnetics range are building blocks, allowing you and your colleagues to create custom layouts, manage talent, organise and strategise.

Academy Squads Name Magnets = £1.60 each

Our magnetic player name tags are a highly efficient solution for team management, featuring a dry erase laminate finish for easy writing. We also provide personalised design service ensuring that they align perfectly with your brand’s unique identity.

Team Name Magnets = £1.60 each

Our magnetic team name tags, the perfect complement to our organisational boards for seamless season management. These magnets are coated with a dry erase laminate finish, enabling you to write on them whenever needed.

Magnetic Counters = £1.60 each

Our magnetic counters are available in two colour options, white and black. Consider enhancing your key assets by adding headshots or squad numbers for organisation. Our bespoke design service is available to ensure your brand identity is maintained.

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