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Wales RFU

ClientWales RFU
LocationWales RFU Training Facility

For Wales Rugby Union, our focus was on crafting gritty and imposing graphics, each bearing clear calls to action such as ‘Winning is why we are here,’ ‘Be prepared to suffer,’ and ‘Is your opponent working harder than you?’ These messages serve as a constant reminder to the team, emphasising the physical demands of the game and instilling a relentless drive to be the best. The graphics act as a visual anchor, embodying the ethos of Wales Rugby Union and motivating the players with powerful affirmations that reflect the uncompromising nature of their pursuit for excellence.

  • Warren Gatland - Former Head Coach | WRU

    “Winning is why we are here. Sport Specific are helping us achieve our goals.”

  • Craig White - Former Performance Manager | WRU & British Lions

    “We aim to create an elite professional environment. We want players to feel, sense, and smell professionalism when they walk through the door. Sport Specific are an integral part in this quest.”