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Revolutionise football tactics and overall planning with our Magnetic Action Sheets—portable, compatible, and pitch-side ready for unparalleled coaching precision.

Go Mobile: Take Your Tactics Anywhere

Our Magnetic Action Sheets redefine football strategy by offering unparalleled mobility. With our innovative product, you’re not confined to the coaching office—go mobile with ease. The Magnetic Action Sheets are designed for coaches on the move, ensuring your tactical brainstorming sessions can seamlessly transition from one office to another. This portability empowers coaches to strategize and plan wherever the game takes them, fostering dynamic collaboration and adaptability.

Seamless Integration: Elevate Your Magnetic Dry Erase Board

Experience a new level of synergy between your existing magnetic dry erase board and our Magnetic Action Sheets. Our product is engineered to effortlessly complement and enhance the functionality of your current setup. Magnetic counters, player tags, and team magnetic tags seamlessly adhere to the Magnetic Action Sheets, providing a comprehensive and versatile platform for football tactics. Upgrade your coaching toolkit without the need for a complete overhaul—simply integrate our Magnetic Action Sheets for an unparalleled tactical planning experience.

Create a winning environment

Transform your coaching space into an inspiring environment with Magnetic Action Sheets. We can design, print and showcase key moments from the season on these versatile sheets, creating a visual narrative of victories and memorable moment. This dynamic feature, in collaboration with Magnetic Base Boards, offers a comprehensive system that not only facilitates strategic planning but also adds a visually captivating dimension to your workspace. Keep the atmosphere fresh, motivational, and reflective of your team’s journey throughout the season.

Pitch-Side Precision

Full Pitch & 2x Half Pitch Board - 150 x 100cm = £260

Full Pitch & 2x Half Pitch Board - 150 x 100cm = £260

Full Pitch & 2x Half Pitch Board - 150 x 100cm = £260

Step onto the field with confidence using our wheeled mobile unit designed specifically for the Magnetic Action Sheets. Elevate your coaching game by bringing your tactics pitch-side. Our mobile unit ensures that the strategising doesn’t end in the coaching suite—it continues right on the field and seamlessly extends into the changing rooms. The Magnetic Action Sheets, coupled with the convenience of the wheeled mobile unit, empower coaches to make real-time decisions, adapt strategies, and inspire their teams to victory with unparalleled precision and agility.