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Take your strategy beyond the coaching suite


Encourage collaborative Football Strategy. Transition from Table to Wall.

1: huddle to wall

The Sport Specific System transforms football strategy sessions with a seamless shift from the table to the base board on the office wall. In dynamic huddle meetings, the magnetic pitch sheet becomes a central focus for dissecting plays and refining strategies, fostering back-room staff cohesion.

customise your foundation, curating success with dynamic, versatile organisational layouts.

2: wall to wall

Effortlessly move your organisational or tactics top sheets from one wall to another, ensuring a dynamic and versatile visual narrative. Whether highlighting achievements or adjusting your personal layout, our flexible canvas easily transforms to meet your evolving needs, allowing you to curate the perfect dashboard for showcasing success, management and strategy.


3: room to room

The Sport Specific System revolutionises collaboration with its portable magnetic Action sheet, facilitating seamless transitions between rooms. This mobility ensures uninterrupted strategic discussions, encouraging collaboration across spaces and enhancing informed decision-making.

your workspace your way

arrange your baseboard

Connect baseboards for a continuous workspace, perfect for larger areas, enhancing visual continuity and fostering a cohesive environment that optimises productivity.

configure your TASKTILES

TaskTiles, magnetic and dry erase, are individual components for configuring a custom workspace. Perfect for creating a flexible, bespoke setup that adapts to seasonal changes.

utilise Magnetics

Enhance the functionality of TaskTiles by incorporating magnetics. This addition allows for seamless organisation, strategic planning, and efficient talent management within your customised workspace.

other uses

winning culture on display

Our updateable top sheets transform printed graphics, allowing easy swapping to highlight key team moments and achievements. Keep your display current, creating a dynamic narrative that evolves with each triumph. With this feature, your display becomes a living canvas, always showcasing the latest milestones in your team's journey.


Dry Erase & Magnetic

The covering of all our prints are dry erase and magnetic allowing you to make notes and erase them effortlessly and use magnetic accessories.


New layers can be applied over the top of the prints allowing for a multi-purpose display. Up to 2 extra layers can be securely positioned on the board.


The prints are as simple to peel off as they are to apply to the backing boards. Once you have finished with the print, it can be rolled up and taken anywhere.