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Functionality includes:

1. Schedules

Access personalised schedules and multiple calendar subscriptions showing event details, google map locations and any documents linked to the event.

2. Notifications

Group messages and personal notifications - your emails and sms all in one place.

3. Folders

Public and personal folders containing multiple types of documents, all available from the 24hrPro app. Get alerted when new folders and documents are made available.

4. people

Put a face to a name and find out who does what in the organisation. Access key information about players and staff, call and email direct from the app.

5. feedback

Use the app to provide feedback. Digital forms, requests for information and data input interfaces are accessed direct in the app. Be alerted when feedback is required.

6. fundamentals

Everything players and staff need to know about the club - rules, code of conduct, protocols, processes and performance education all in one place.

About the 24hrPro app

Ensure your players have all the information to assist them in becoming a ’24 Hour Pro’.
A player based conduit for critical content – schedules, messages, media sharing and input performance data & feedback.


Everything a player needs to know about the club, it’s code of conduct and performance education to make them a 24 hour pro

  • Visually engaging content
  • Performance education for players
  • Player and position expectations
  • Staff profiles & contacts
  • General information about the club