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Pro Screens

Use of mobiles is restricted in elite performance facilities so communicating via a phone app isn’t effective.

To address this we have developed a screen system to display live information and content.
Use TV’s to your advantage and strategically fill screens with content relevant to the player journey:

Include daily schedules in the player entrance & foyer – Preparation and recovery in the locker room –
Activation – Strength and power sessions in the gym  – Nutrition and hydration in the dinning room.

multipule scrolling calendars

highlight key events

on-screen messaging

Highlight important messages

showcase bespoke content

RSS media feeds

real-time delivery

Displaying REALTIME schedules, messages and performance content creates a ‘
no excuses’ culture where you can be guaranteed everyone is in sync with the ‘What, Where, When’

screen functionality includes:

  • Content is displayed on a screen by screen basis
  • Display schedules, video, playlists, presentations, news & messages
  • Select calendars and number of days to display
  • Highlight important events and show extended event descriptions
  • Embed web based content into screens
  • Choose from Multiple layouts and branded backgrounds
  • Create custom message tickers
  • Choose refresh rate of screen content
  • Display or hide weather and clock widgets