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The Emergency Action Plan Boards we provide play a crucial role in meeting the medical and safety requirements for training facilities and stadiums on match days.

Each Emergency Action Plan must encompass protocols for managing injuries to Players and Match Officials occurring during League Matches, as well as during other matches in which the Club is involved and during training sessions.

Additionally, there should be a dedicated protocol for promptly attending to emergency situations concerning Players and Match Officials during League Matches held at the Club’s Stadium.

The Club must also provide a detailed account of all first aid facilities and medical equipment available in case immediate treatment for such injuries is required.

We have designed two boards, each tailored to fulfil specific criteria. The first board serves as an assessment tool, swiftly evaluating injuries, traumas, or cardiac arrests in players or individuals.

The second board is dedicated to optimising the capabilities of your medical staff, highlighting their roles and responsibilities. Additionally, it includes a comprehensive checklist of essential medical equipment and provides information on the closest hospitals and medical facilities.

Efficiently evaluate injuries, traumas, or potential cardiac arrests in players or individuals, ensuring prompt and accurate medical attention and assessment.

Injury & Trauma Assessment Board - 120 x 100cm = £210

Highlight medical staff roles and responsibilities, along with a comprehensive checklist of essential medical equipment and information on nearby hospitals and facilities.

Emergency Action Plan - Checklist Board - 120 x 100cm = £210

Our team will incorporate your club’s official branding elements, including colour schemes and club logos, onto the organisational boards. In addition, we will add club and player names, numbers, or headshots onto the magnetic accessories, ensuring that your solutions perfectly reflect your brand identity.

If you would like to know more about our Emergency Action Plan boards or configure the design to be inline with your unique action plan, we're here to help.

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