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space expanding - Innovative - flexible - portable

The ProSurround System is a new product range that delivers the same high quality as our traditional
dry-wipe boards whilst offering greater flexibility of use and simple updatability.

Dry Wipe / Magnetic

The covering of all our prints are dry wipe and magnetic allowing you to make notes and erase them effortlessly and use magnetic accessories.


New layers can be applied over the top of the prints allowing for a multi-purpose display. Up to 2 extra layers can be securely positioned on the board.


The prints are as simple to peel off as they are to apply to the backing boards. Once you have finished with the print, it can be rolled up and taken anywhere.


Peel off the sheet and reapply in other rooms, on other walls and use at away venues with our portable tactics boards.

Multi layered boards

Each board will hold up to 3 drywipe top sheets. The ferrous top sheets work well with our magnetic accessories.

Easily positioned

The top sheets can be quickly removed and applied to other boards, in other rooms or taken on the road.

use both board faces

Add multiple boards to the track and slide them around to reveal the info you need. You can even flip them to use the back face.

create more space!

Multi system comes in 2, 4, 6 & 8 track configurations in standard and bespoke widths. Create useable space from no-where.

Pro Surround - Multi Unit

Expand the ps single board to the PS multi system.
Delivering over 10 times more usable wall space than the system occupies

Pro Surround - portable

From wall, to tactics table, to away dressing room.
Take the PS portable on the road

Removable top sheets

The dry wipe magnetic top sheets are peelable and can be layered. They are lightweight and extremely portable with optional carry cases available.

Tactics table

Lock the board into the horizontal position to create a magnetic tactics table. Choose from green turf design or more traditional white board pitch.

Flip Reverse it

Rotate the board to reveal a second work surface. You can specify the design on both sides including full and half pitch configurations.

Flip Chart compatible

The ProSurround Portable has a clip on the reverse surface that accommodates traditional flip chart pads. We can supply pitch and plain layouts.

magnetic accessories

Magnetic counters, tags and printed magnetic material offer simple and effective options to enhance your visual planning.