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About the comms System

Core Comms manages critical communications including schedules, events, messages, media and performance data. At the heart of our ‘Digital Performance hub’, CoreComms distributes through multiple channels including our 24hrPro, On-Boarding apps, ProScreens

 CoreComms manages the following functions:


Simple to use calendars with live app & screen feeds and auto alerts when events are updated


Emails, SMS and in-app alerts to individuals and groups via mobile, apps and TV screens.


Upload documents, images, videos and share single files or entire folders with users and groups

Feedback & forms

Gain insights and receive valuable feedback by distributing tailored forms to staff, players and family.


Build profiles for your staff and players, managing essential information from a single source point.


Everything players and staff need to know about the club - rules, code of conduct, protocols, processes and performance education all in one place.


The online control center that empowers users to create, 
manage and deploy the core content that players, staff and families need.

Use the CoreComs to deploy key deliverables to our companion apps and tv screens/video 
board system and to further platforms including mobile & tablet.


A rich, simple to use calendar to keep your team organised and prepared 

  • Day / Week / Month views
  • Attach files to any event
  • Integrated google maps
  • Assign events to multiple calendars
  • Sync with your native mobile software
  • Event reminders and alerts


A great way to keep your team informed about items that need their attention

  • Send to multiple users or groups
  • Notify via text or email
  • View delivery reciepts


Upload documents, images and videos to the system and share single files or entire folders with users and groups

  • Organise your files into folders
  • Drag and drop upload
  • Search for documents with keywords
  • Access and upload from any device


Create user profiles for your staff and players including personal details and employment details

  • Group users by department or squad
  • Create detailed profiles
  • Add new users from any device
  • Manage user permissions for access and functions
  • Auto alerts on contract expiry & passport renewal dates

Feedback Forms

Collect personal information, learn personal preferences or gather important feedback with forms

  • Create custom forms
  • Choose from multiple question types
  • Send direct to users or groups
  • View completion logs
  • Receive notifications when completed
  • Output forms to CSV to integrate with 3rd party apps